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Who has his DORA?


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There are some people who ordered their GT500's and they have their vehicle order confirmation from the dealership that shows order no, priority and the ordering codes of their specific GT500. That is a no more then a computer printscreen printout.


Mine is a U3 Coupe, 856 stripes, GW interior, 99S engine, 44E transmission, T9H tires and 68S trim package.


Between T9H and 68S codes is also a line that mentiones PRICED DORA REO or REQ (Five Oh, can you shine a light on this)


Does anyone has it DORA allready and wants to share it? And does their DORA's show prices or not and if not what is showing then. Make a scan and show it to us.

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We have our DORA's. Still no pricing listed on them. I'm not 100% sure about the PRICED DORA REQ, but that likely means that the dealer is requesting a DORA specifically for that order. Ford no longer sends DORA's automatically as it's a lot of extra paperwork that isn't necessary for the vast majority of orders that are just placed for dealer stock and not for specific customer orders.

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