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Hood Pin Shell

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I've searched the forums but cannot find what I'm looking for. I have an 08 Shelby GT. I am looking for a hood pin shell replacement as mine is currently scuffed and scratched. I know there is a hood pin kit available for my SGT at the Shelby store but it does not have "Shelby" AND "GT" stamped on it like my stock shells do. The ones at the Shelby store only has "Shelby" stamped on it. I have searched all over the internet looking for a hood pin kit that is exactly like the stock ones I have but cannot find any. Can anybody direct me to a place where I can buy a replacement kit or the "shells" only that have both "Shelby" AND "GT" stamped on it just like stock?


Any advice or direction is much appreciated and forgive me if I overlooked seeing them in an obvious location. Thank you for your help. :headscratch:

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