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Doubled the # I've spotted on the road!


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On the road this week......saw a red vert in Knoxville on Saturday, at a shopping center off Lovell Rd. behind Smoky Mountain Brewery? We were crossing the driveway to Mo's when they cruised by...beautiful car. Made me even more homesick for my vert. Then, downtown Gatlinburg, on the strip Saturday night, met a white with blue or black stripes--couldn't tell at night. Was that anyone on TS?


So, besides the one I've spotted down near Ft. Campbell and the one I met on the interstate coming up here 2 years ago, that's a total of 4 real live GT 500's I've seen on the highway!


Been a beautiful week in the Smoky's.....perfect to be driving a vert! Too bad I'm in the F-150--wish I could cut the top off it!


Enjoy the fall!

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I see two a month here on the road.....sometimes more.

I had a Super Snake pass me on the left at 5am last month. I was in my focus and he came up on me as I was entering a hwy doing 60mph. He passed me like I was sitting still !

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