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2011 Shelby GT500 w/SVT Package


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Would like to know when I can buy parts for this model year or are they identical to the 2010? Need to know ,am 68 years old and had to wait many years to purchase my dream car. Would like to dress it up some . Thanks


your first post ,please let me Welcome you ,,,you have come to the right place ,try checking out the Shelby Store online :salute: .

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The Shelby Store doesn't advertize any 2011 specific parts ( strut brace,bolt caps,etc)




I noticed the Ford Racing Performance Parts page doesn't list a Strut Tower Brace (STB) for the 2011 either.


They show a FR3 handling pack but it is different from the 2010 FR3 in that there is no STB but they include Top Strut mounts and Jounce Bumpers...all other parts are the same as the 2007-2010 parts (shocks, struts, sway bars).


Someone said they already have the jounce bumpers on their 2011 just like the ones pictured in the '11 FR3 package. I bought a set and they are VERY similar to the ones on my '10 but just slightly different in that the FRPP bumpers have a small black metal ring around the base that the '10 bumpers don't have.


And I'm pretty sure the '10 GT500's have the higher durometer rated upper strut mounts on them already so I would ASSUME the '11 would have them too.


So the FR3 pack for the '11 may have some redundant parts included in leiu of the STB.


And since FRPP didn't include the STB in the '11 pack, I ASSUME it won't work in it for some reason.


When I first bought my 2010 I was in the same boat you are in. Frustration City because no parts were available. It's gotten better but still not great.


Hope you find what you need soon,


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Pick-up a copy of MM&FF (Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords) at any store that sells Mag.'s because they are starting to list Mod's for 2011's... Welcome to one of the BEST Mucsle Cars around. Now, remember to TRY to keep it Between-the-Lines!!! I am not new to Mustangs but this is my First Shelby (SGT-2930) I have EVER owned and I am 58 - So, I kind-of know what you mean... :drool:


Doc :salute:

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