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SPP's JonathanE going to Afghanistan


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TS/SPP is proud (but sad) that JonathanE is leaving Shelby American in order to volunteer for a tour of Afghanistan. :salute: He was previously deployed in Iraq before joining our group.


We met Jonathan when we was collecting toys for the Toys for Tots program at Shelby in December 2009. Within a few minutes of drooling over the Shelby Mustangs and Cobras in the buildings, we knew that he was an addict like the rest of us, so we offered him a job. It's been an awesome fit for Shelby and customers alike.


His last day with Shelby will be 11 October 2010.



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Jonathan is a great guy! I hope y'all will update us on his status over there. While I was deployed to Afghanistan from '09-'10, I ordered some parts for my Shelby and sent an email to SPP for confirmation. As fate would have it, Jonathan was the one who received the email. He and I conversed back and forth for a while via email. He provided me with excellent customer service, and it was comforting to have a fellow Service Member on the other end of my emails.


Good luck to you, brother. Be safe and return home!


Chris Loschiavo

Captain, US Army

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