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Will Gt500 wheels fit on the GT-H....

philip 87

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They will fit. The wheel opening is the same on the GT500 as the SGT-H. I have a set of GT500 wheels for my 2008 SGT - they are the wheels I use when I race the car.




I am glad to hear that. Someone told me that the rear wheels may not fit.

I am gonna buy them............Thank You

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I want to install the GT500 wheels and tires on my GT-H. Before I pull the trigger on a set I want to make sure they will fit.

I was told I might have a problem with the rear fender clearance. I was told the GT500 has a wider wheel opening.

Any help appreciated.........Thanks.......Philip



I bought one of the Ex-Shelby American executive driven 2006 GT-Hs directly from SAI and it came with the GT-500 wheels and tires. The rear tires are larger than the fronts so you won't be able to rotate them. . Same lugs used. I also have a 2007 SGT with the stock wheels/tires, and in my opinion, the GT-H with the GT-500 wheels/tires rides rougher and tends to sling more road debris onto the rear quarters due to the extra width over stock. You may want to consider adding "spats" on the rear.

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