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Fall Colors In Connecticut


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A great website for Fall Colors.


Driving routes, walking trails (you gotta drive to the trails, right?), observation points...


...even a peak color predictor!


I can vouch for Driving Loop 1, 2, & 3 (I usually combine them in some manner).

... and Sleeping Giant SP, Peoples Forest SP, and Talcott Mountain SP.

You really need to hike to the Heublein Tower, the State has converted the Ballroom into one big observation room (over 100' up).

On a generally good day you can see from Massachusetts to Long Island Sound, further if the weather is pristine.




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I love the Fall in Connecticut...I was in Miami this week and reminded how nice it is to get away from the Florida heat and humidity...



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Thanks for leading us through a wonderful day cruising CT, MA & VT Rob (Quadcam) & Lauren.........we had a great time spending the day with you both.


Michael & Dale & Luca



Thrilled and honored to have you along... The Wicked Family...




Perhaps we can join you in the "Poke-Your-Nose" next year!

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