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Personalized Plate


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Finally got around to taking a good picture of the plate.







I like the plate as it was my first choice but was already taken in my state, but I would look for a more Shelby appropriate frame, but if your really into the lower back tribal tattoo look on the back side of your GT500 then keep on rockin it. :rockon::fear::hide: I hope you don't take this the wrong way, it's just a suggestion since you started your own thread about it.

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I wanted to do 11GT500 and it was available here but my wife had an idea that I decided would be a good idea to go with since she let me buy the car. IGOVRRM Women seem to find it very hilarious as I can could at least 15 that have been behind me at a light, looking at the back of the car, sounding it out, and then breaking out into laughter. It's actually kind of fun to watch.

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