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Mustangs Of Memphis Show


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We enjoyed the Mustangs of Memphis show today. Our club had a good turn out, and the Shelby community in particular. There were about 100 cars total, with our club dragging at least 4 GT500s, a SGT/SC, and our infamous CS6 (slimer!). Also in attendance were about 6 more GT500s, two late 60s GT350, GT500, and a couple 65/66 GT350 tributes. I'll post pics of the cars when I download the camera.


What made the show probably the best I've ever been too, was the fact that I took my 10 year old daughter. She has been to many many shows, but this was the first she was excited about. The way MoM works the show its an everybody wins show, but your car is judged against itself, so you can take a Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on craftsmanship, condition, cleanliness of the vehicle. Instead of awarding plaques or trophies, they take a photo of you in your car when you pull up and then that is your award. Its unique and a nice touch. Anyways, when we pulled up I talked to the MoM official and asked if we could swap spots and put my daughter in the drivers seat for the photo. Of coruse they said no problem. We pull inside and park and Ashley is setting up her chair and unpacking her backpack of toys and what not, and I go to register. Unknown to her I registered the car in her name. I go back and she is worried about seeing if we could win. She worked her lil fanny off cleaning important stuff like headlights, rims, tires, rocker moldings splitters. The whole day she was asking people if they thought she would win a prize. Special thanks to Mr Farmdog, and LLCS6 (slimer) for tolerating her and keeping her excited about the show and looking forward to the awards presentation.


When they called her name for a "Gold" Award the smile on her face and the excitement she felt made every cleaning, every second of every minute, of every hour put into the car worth it. While Go events are fun, I dont think anything could beat this Show event IMHO. It just goes once again to showcase how great the Shelby, Mustang, and car collecting community can be. Once again thanks to MoM, and MSMC, MrFarmdog and LLCS6 for helping make this the best show we've ever attended. I'm sure my daughter would agree, since her MAJOR AWARD is sitting on her nightstand where she can stare at it all day and night!


Pics to follow.

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