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Cowl Hood?


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"I Love It" I had a cowl on my 89LX and there is nothing cooler than trying to look over it. I'll be honest though 4" is a little high for my 5'7" frame to be looking over, hell I can't see over the stock hoodscoupe the way it is I would have done the 2.5" cowl myself. Then again I've only put 125mi on car since since I took delivery of her in early Dec. and that was all in one day.


I brought it home drove to Denver which is around 50mi the next day to have the windows tinted then to the dealership then the bank to get all the loan papers completed, stuck her in the garage with the cover having intentions of takeing a drive the next week then the Blizzard of 06 hit the state and there she has sat since with only a 124.6 mi on the odometer.


I need more seat time the poor tires have never even seen speeds in excess of 75mph.


Ruf, I want to see it all put back together with the hood on I think it's going to look Ruff-N-Tuff.


I would have bought these wheels though! http://www.bozeforged.com/boost.html with the spokes painted black, JMO and 3 grand later! 20x10.5 and 20x8.5 now that's a wheel

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Barf. In spanish: El Barfo. In French: Le' Barfee. In italian: La Barforini.


You see, in any language, the hood SUCKS.

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