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Armor All Wheel Protectant


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I've been very pleased with the results of the Armor All Wheel Protectant. I put the first application on in June and have (purists cover your ears) run the car through the touchless car wash several times. Not only do the wheels seem to stay cleaner, but what little brake dust accumulates seems to wash off easily. I drive the car at least 3 days a week, sometimes just cruising, sometimes running errands in around-town traffic. Now, the front wheels don't always look a different color than the back ones! I finally put another application on this weekend and decided to do the wheels on my F-150 also. The can I've been using on the GT 500 feels like it's got another application in it--that's be a total of 3 applications, not bad for a $7 can.


I just like to pass along good stuff when I find it. Hope you all find it helpful in keeping your babies clean!

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