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Shelf Life of Stock Tires


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OK, this one is cross-posted, not sure if that is a no-no, but probably should have put it here.


I'm looking at the smokin sale posted for the stock tires. Something tells me there is no longer a need for em and SAI is getting rid of what they have.


Since I only put about 5K on my car a year, I'm pretty sure it will be a while before I need new tires.


On the other hand, the sale on the stock GT500KR tires is pretty smokin. Barely over $400 for 4 tires, including shipping!


So if I pick a set of these up, and keep em in a climate controlled environment, might anybody know what the shelf life might be before they start to dry rot or something?

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good article on the subject of old tires.





Yea, that is good thanks. They could have been made a while ago. Who knows. Hummmm....


Still a smokin deal if I keep an eye on the manufacture code.


Thanks. Great data.


Yea, $100/tire (with shipping) with out teamshelby discount.


Hummmmm...... :headscratch:

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