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For Sale: 2006 Black Mark II with silver stripes


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For Sale: 2006 Black Mark II with silver stripes


1. All four factory options

Silver Stripes, Red Calipers, Macintosh Stereo, BBS lightweight racing rims



$20K+ in upgrades.



Build Date: June, 2006

Last 4 VIN # 1393

Mileage: 7800




Please PM or call my cell: 48O. 31O. O49O





Just added pictures to photobucket:





Now on eBay:


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She is going to sell soon, I can feel it. I am getting hit with a lot of serious inquiries the last few days.


Hmmm. Must be Christmas and/or someone needs to clean out the business checking account by the end of the year.

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Pre-purchase inspection = No problem and I highly recommend for one's own piece of mind.

I spoke with Rich Roback, from Detroit, a retired senior Ford GT factory builder,from start to finish.

His screen name on the www.fordgt.com is [GT Tech]

email: mus385@aol.com



He said he has completed many PPI's, and truly, no one knows the GT's better.

Rich said he would be more than happy to complete a PPI for anyone on my GT

Rich lives in Kingman, Arizona. It is approx 200 miles from Tempe, AZ. = good 3 hour drive.

Santan Ford, have two certified GT technicians, and are the dealer that has performed service work on my GT and could also perform a PPI.

They are approx 20 minutes from my office.

Santan Ford # is 480-621-3763, Service advisor is Steve Gilchrist.

His boss is John Bernath, Parts, Service, Operations Manager.Phone: 480-621-3768

email: johnbernath@santanford.com

See post # 14


If you already have or want someone else to perform a PPI, I have no problem with that either.

I am confident and I am an open book.

Many local AZ GT know my GT and have validated it's condition = NO issue.

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