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Shelby front brake duct bezels/2010?


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Second question on fitment for a 2010 GT500 vs. earlier years:


There is a very long and detailed post regarding the installation of a set of Shelby brake duct bezels on a GT500.


I want to put a set on my 2010 and I do not remember if the poster installed them on a '10 or earlier version. I remember Justin Tucker/JLT posting some pics of his bezels on a 2010 and they just *barely* fit due to the 2010 ducts being outboard of the earler models. It almost looked like you would have to shave off some of the trim to get them to fit.


But my question is regarding the SHELBY bezels.....


Has anyone here actually installed them on a 2010 GT500? I know the '10 & '11 Super Snakes no longer use the grille openings for their front brake ducts and I'm assuming it's for a reason.


I'm not afraid of a little work as the post I'm thinking of took quite a bit of the OP's woodworking skills to get them to fit so well.


I'm just not sure if it was on a 2010 or a earlier year model.


Can anyone tell me?



Thanks in advance,

Phill (duplicate post will be in the GT500 mod area)

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