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Shelby overhead console aluminium trim/2010?


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To all:


There was a recent thread showing pictures with step-by-step instructions and proceedures for installing the Shelby aluminium trim on a GT500 overhead console. The poster used 3-M double sided tape and a heat gun to get it to fit perfect and it was probably within the last two weeks.


I went to order a trim kit for my 2010 GT500 yesterday and my salesman said he was pretty sure it would NOT fit on a 2010 but he wasn't positive. I told him about the recent thread showing the install and he asked me if I was sure it was on a 2010.......and I am NOT.


So, does anyone recall the thread and/or does anyone know for sure if the Shelby badged overhead console trim (with buttons) will fit on a 2010 model year or not?


I could use this information ASAP as I want to take advantage of the TS 15% off sale if it does fit.


I will post a duplicate of this question on the 2010/11 GT500 section so if you see a dupe, it is for a reason.



Thanks to all in advance,

Phill Pollard

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