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Acording to the deealers paperwork from Ford that I saw this weekend it is projected production of 8000 vehicles. It did state that this was the "projected" production - so I would assume that could be adjusted for various reasons.

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I called SVT Today & asked them if I was still on the email list & they told me I was still on the list & they have yet to mail-out anything this year due to the shake-up at Ford with the Way Forward plan.


He did did tell me the following things....


1. Shelby GT500 Allocations & final Production numbers will not be determined until they have received all dealer applications/certifications to be a Shebly Dealer and that would not be until the end of.....April or the beginning of May :cry:


2. Just because a dealer has given you a DORA doesn't mean you will get one...It all depends on if the dealer filled out the paperwork correctly, passed all testing and training requirements by the end of April.


3. I asked about the New York auto show & he said they "SVT" would not be unvailing anything....

:poke: Dah ......But Ford might be for the Mustang line-up :yup:


4. If you currently have a SVT product & need a replacement SVT certification paperwork it is no longer free? :nonono: He said it will now cost you $30 if you are a svtoa member or $40 for a non-member You can join for free until June? coinsidence? I think not! :shrug:


5. If you want performance parts for your SVT you should call Ford Racing at 1-586-468-1356 :yup:

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