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TPMS Module Part Number for SVTPP (front and rear) or 19" Baseline GT500


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I'm trying to find the correct part number for the factory TPMS sensors that come with the SVTPP wheel set. The Ford Parts web site shows several compatible TPMS modules, but it doesn't designate which are installed in the staggered wheel set.


In specific, I want a compatible TPMS for 19" wheels (as that's what I'm migrating to for all-season driving), so the part number for baseline GT500s' 19" wheels would also be okay. Has anyone traveled down this path? Given the wheel discussion that's already occurred, I presume somebody MUST have, as the alternative would be the unlikely situation of somebody driving their GT500 without the benefit of tire pressure monitoring.



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For 2010 models:


Factory oem part# 9L3Z-1700-A (Valve Stems)


Factory oem part# 9L3T-1A180-AB,AC,AD,AE,AF (Sensors)



Thanks a bunch. With respect to the sensors however, I presume its 4x one of the 1A180 sensors. Does it matter which one? (.e. the AB or AC or AD etc.?)


Thanks again.

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can anyone help here:


I ordered these sensors off of eBay:



part number: 9L3T-1A180


The tire shop mounted these on my new rims with my tires, however the car is not recognizing the sensors. I took the car to the dealer and they used their tool to check the sensors and they said none of the 4 sensors responded.


Is there a different tool or procedure i need to follow to get these to work?

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