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Many of the SS owners have had the disheartening experience of lighting off the tires on our lethal vette eating machines. The question came up on the build (DOUG @ SAI) as too why a smaller tire was utilized,( with even less sidewall flex), for straight line traction. The answer was,"It's part of the Build". Have we forgotten to test our ingenious designs before release? Engineering was missed on this crucial part of the traction puzzle. The Whole Car is an engineered marvel of design, but with 200+ HP added and the extra leverage of the gears.... we sit spinning! 315 on a minimum could have helped keep our chins high when we mash it to the mat, instead SS owners have to PEDAL like little boys on a tricycle to keep our fire breathing Snakes from launching like chameleons out of the holeshot...how embarrasing!!



Can a fix (20 x 11.75) be in the mix for the best and most optimum choices of tires for our prized and pampered possesions( that's the 3P's)? Shelby's enthusiast/ owners are begging for an option. Many are jumping onboard to try and get this option tooled up for the demand of a wider platform.


(8S3Z-1007-11.75) Wow that looks good from here!

If possible, release some data for us so we all can see what SAI is up against with cost and such.


Thanks for this great blog site and all of your efforts!

Ed - CSM 08SS0350



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Gotta say...nice video...car looks fantastic.


......just be careful launching the car if it's on a slight turn. It can get squirrly in a hurry !! As Gary [shelbypt] would say: "Keep it between the lines"




As you saw,it does... had lots of practice... couldn't get of the limiter fast enough, should have been in 2nd gear,


Hope this helps raise an ear to the problem.

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Specific numbers? A hell of a lot. Here is what Robert said in the other thread regarding tooling costs and the minimum units needed...sounds like a fair bit of $$$$ ($2Mish?) to make it happen.


"The tooling costs, combined with the minimum run of 4,000 pieces is too prohibitive for Shelby to do this."

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