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What's up with the "My Gallery" Feature?


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This is the first and only reported problem. Are you saying that when you click on a gallery thumbnail, the full size image doesn't open?



Exactly. I sign in, go to my gallery, then thumbnail view. When I click on the thumbnail, the page loads but no pic. Two different computers, same issue.


I uploaded a couple of images of dyno runs - I can see the thumbnail, but not full size. Older images, same problem.



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W7 with IE8, and I get a blank screen going into the gallery feature. I'm not just talking about the "My Gallery" link, I'm talking about the general "gallery" link that's at the top of every page. As stated, I get a blank screen going in, but if I click on "new content" I get thumbnails. But if I click on any thumbnail, the screen goes blank again.


Very odd.

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