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Will 285/35/19 tires fit in the front of a 2010 GT500?


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I was looking to go the same size all around. I thought I remember seeing that someone else had done this but now cant find the post. Would there be any clearance issues or rubbing?





You might be thinking of the post where I said I am thinking about having my OE rear wheels widened so I can put 305's or 315's in back and then using my current rear 285's on the front of my car (since the GT500 is known for pushing). I posted that about two weeks ago.


I have not actually tried switching my rears to the front yet so I am basing my 'knowledge' on another TS members experience. He had his car serviced at a Ford dealership and when he got home he noticed that they rotated his tires....the "old" way (X pattern). He had his front tires on the rear and his rear tires on the front and he did not report any clearence issues. If I remember right, he noticed a big lack of rear tire traction and that's what got his attention in the first place.


Roush makes a set of turn limiters that are nothing but a small plastic or nylon "C-clip". You pull your rack boot back from the rack and insert a c-clip on each end of the ram thereby limiting the amount of ram movement and keeping the tires from turning too far IN. They're cheap and easy to install. Roush puts them on all of his 20" tire equipped cars so I"m assuming if Roush can use his Coopers up front, we should be able to use our Goodyear F1's up front (and as I said, it's already been "tested").


Before I actually spend any money on mine, I *will* run my rears up front to see if there is any clearence problems in all different situations though.





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