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Installed Sequential Lights!

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I too like the sequential turn signals. It is a great and inexpensive modification. Each has their preferences, however, I wasn't a fan of the brake lights sequencing once upon braking. I though that it could be a problem in the event you were rear ended. The other person behind could say that they got confused when the brake lights sequenced in two different directions. You know how that could go, just food for thought. I waited and finally found a flasher that behaves like the stock sequentials on the older Shelbys and the new Mustangs. The brake lights don't sequence, all the brake lights come on at once like stock.

I not advertising but if anyone is interested in the sequential turn signals that do not sequence upon braking send me a PM.


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The other person can say what they want to say about my brake lights. But hit me from the back ....they will pay! :censored:



If the brake light sequencing is DOT approved (and I can't imagine that its not), the person who hits you can't blame the lights.

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