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Shelby & Cen-Tex SVT at the lake...9/18/10


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With the newly formed Cen-Tex SVT, we are planning a day at Lake Travis. We will meet at The Pier Restaurant at 11:00 for lunch then cruise to Chris' (Ford GT) houseboat for fun the rest of the day. You can get to The Pier by car or boat. Warren has mentioned bringing his ski boat and some others have jet skis to play on. Maybe we can have a trustworthy member start a meet up point in San Antonio (Sean or Warren :headscratch: ) If any of the Houston crowd want to come up, we can meet in Elgin and go from there.


All we ask is that you bring drinks and snacky foods for everyone to enjoy. KIds are welcome but any kiddo under the age of 14 must wear their lifejackets at all times and parents are responsible for supervision. Adult beverages will be there as well.


We'd like to get a rough count on who will be showing up so we can make appropriate arrangements for the houseboat. Hope to see everyone there.



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We are needing a head count. I know several have RSVP'd on the FB page but want to double-check. Here's what I got:


SVOC and Myself

Sean and Lauren + 1 kiddo

Chris and son

Sal-RSVP'd on FB

Andrea Faris (would assume Dubbs is coming as well). :headscratch:


Now for those who went with a couple of weeks ago, Chris has added more ammo to the boat so be prepared. And Warren, I have Andrea's target with me.

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