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Stripe help for a comrade


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A fellow Shelby owner contacted me from Germany. He wants to replace the rear spoiler on his Black KR to the spoiler on the GT-500. His car is black with the matte black stripes. I went to the dealership today to inquire about the stripes. The guy showed me "Ebony" stripes for the GT-500 spoiler. I want to make sure these are the correct stripes.


Here is the Ford part #. Can someone verify for me that this is the correct stripe before I place an order?



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Yes, shelby should be able to help get the proper information. I think they had someone do them onsite. He might have to get some cut to size here in the states and shipped over to Germany.




Yes, that's the answer. I'll give him the proper contact info at Shelby. They'll be able to help him out.



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