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Billet hood pin kit for 2010 Shelby


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I recently received my billet hood pin kit that I purchased a couple of weeks ago and it does not appear to be complete.


The kit did not contain the metal plates that are drilled to fit the radiator crossover (the plates that the actual hood pins bolt to).


The 2010 does not appear to be so much different that the 2009, but it still appears that it will require plates.


The kit did not contain instructions, and I may be looking at it wrong.


Is there something that I'm missing ?

How does the new billet hood pin kit install on a 2010 ? If it is not designed for a 2010....please explain how it installs on a 2009 (without plates)


They look great and I can't wait to put them on.


Thanks for any help


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Unless that install kit has the plates that he seems to be missing, he'll still need the plates that the pins mount to and mount on top of the radiator support....



The GT500 hood pins install with rivet nuts that install where the factory rubber bump stops are right behind each head lamp. Plates are not required. Those rivet nuts are included in the install kit.

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OK, that say 05-08, but in the store it says in red "will not fit 2010." Will these fit the 2010 or are you thinking that he's trying to install them on an older car? I'm curious as I wanted to order them as well, but was deterred by the will not fit statement on the site. I'd rather not drill into my hood only to find out that theres no way to easily make them work.

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