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If this doesn't touch you...............

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I had this circulating a couple of months ago.....




good to see it again.....keep it going.....everyone needs to see it!


Thank you to all our servicemen and women, past and present! :salute:

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In 2006 I went to see Clint Eastwood's Flags of our Fathers. I had to see this movie alone. I happened to be in Vegas and took an afternoon while our friends were at work to see it. The theater was full. Most were my age or older. I took a seat near the back because I knew I would get emotional, for two reasons that I'll explain in a moment. Next to me was seated a guy probably in his 70's (I'm 56). There were several times during the movie that there were a few "catches in the breath". From both of us. We both sat through the entire ending credits. We were two of the last 5 or so to leave the theater. I asked him if he had a connection to Iwo Jima, and he said he had family there.


My connection is that a friend of my family - who was much like an uncle and even a little bit dad, was on the island. He saw the first flag. He wouldn't talk about it much except to say that he wouldn't have survived if it weren't for "the Indians". We now know that those were the Code Talkers. One of the original 29 lives hearby in a humble double wide at which I had the honor of attending his Blessing Way ceremony (We'd call it a housewarming).


Second was the very underhanded and I believe abuse of Ira Hayes by the government. Now I won't be able to get the Johnny Cash song out of my head.


I've said this here and other places before, but as we remember the daily losses of the WWII vets, we also have to remember that the Survivors of the Holocaust are passing at the same rate.

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