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New: Shelby GT500 Fuel Rails


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Shelby GT500 Fuel Rails




These Shelby American high performance Shelby GT500 precision machined fuel rails are made from billet aluminum, not extruded rail stock and feature an 11/16" internal diameter passage for maximum fuel delivery.


The rails include the provision to mount the factory fuel pressure sensor, and have two 1/8" NPT ports ahead of the sensor mount to allow for the installation of a fuel pressure gauge or sender and to provide a fuel supply for a nitrous injection system. The ports are angled away from the blower case to ensure adequate clearance for bulky electric pressure sending units.


A special adapter* is available separately to mate the front of the driver's side fuel rail to the factory fuel feed line. Please note that no fittings or connectors are included with the fuel rail set.


Product Link



2007-2012 Shelby GT500 (5.4L engines).


Engraved "Shelby," they are clear anodized for long lasting surface protection.

Includes precision-bent stainless steel mounting brackets and stainless fasteners.



* A special adapter is required and available here to mate the front of the driver's side fuel rail to the factory fuel feed line.


Release date:

New product release: 31 August 2010.

Made in the U.S.A.

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These look really nice but before I decide on buying them I need to know, will these fuel rails clear/fit with the Whipple 2.9L inlet elbow? I know the Fore fuel rails interfere with the Whipple on the drivers side.


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