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PICS of 20" shelby grey razors on black/tungen My car is done


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I am totally happy ith all of the mods ive done.I highly reccomend them to everybody.You all know from some of my other post, If i smell fish, I say so. I think the springs from BMR are perfect ride height without losing driveabilty. I know some want that real low look.I wanted the level and thats exactly what it is. Slammed mustangs look a tad too ricy for me.


Im not concerned with the pinion angle at all.If I was running at the strip all the time, I would probally do an adjustable upper but as ive said before.Its a street ride. This is not my first modded car. You do not need all these parts that these vendors are throwing at us unless to are really into racing and then I agree they are must haves. Ive got ALOT of experience with modding cars and suspension. The only time you would need these parts is if you got unreal traction no spinning of the tires.This is only going to happen with slicks at the track when you launch at 4000 or higher. You all know you are not launching at 4000 rpm on the street and even if you were,All the tires are going to do is spin. These vendors are selling you parts you NEED on a race track.you absolutley do not NEED them one bit on the street. You all know there is no traction with any kind of street tires.


Thanks guys. Tell you the truth, i personally feel the pictures dont do the car justice.This car looks bitchin in person.

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I like the 20" Razors too. Just wish they came in a 20x10 and a chrome finish. I will NOT put a wheel and tire narrower than OEM on the back of this car, its already way to traction challenged.


Nice look on your car. It's obvious from your posts you knew exactly what you were looking for and sounds like you found it. Congrats. I likely will persue your suggestion on the springs as well but am going to wait til I figure out the tire/whee combo to decide on final ride height.

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would someone with some photoshop skills please modify the pic to show what these would look like with black painted centers. I have the same color/stripe combo and I'm undecided on a color choice.


BTW- your car looks amazing! More daytime pics and please give us a direct side profile shot.

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i would like to give my opion on whether or not to get the black or silver wheels from shelby. Personally, these grey wheels seem to look incredible with the tungen stripe combo. I also think they compliment the car rather than giving it a ricy look if they were completely chrome. I personally think chrome wheels will make the shelby car look more like a "modded mustang" rather than a shelby. I would kill to see these wheels on a white car with tungen stipes. That to me woul be the baddest one ever.


Also the "silver " ones shelby offer probally look good on some cars but anytime you put silver and (machined lip) together to me it makes the center look like dirty chrome wheels instead of the silver .The two colors just dont have enough contrast.


as far as the black wheels (40th) , They do look good on the black car pictued on the shelby site but i think anybody with any different color car is going to be really disappointed with them . At that point, there will be too many colors on one car.


My opinion is these grey wheels will simply look amazing on any color car with the tungen strip and i would not change them for the world.They remind me of the 80s saleen grey 5 spokes.

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Wow, your car looks amazing!


This is how the car should've looked right from the start!


Kinda like when the 65 Stangs came out and the front end sat really high, with the Shelby (GT350) mods, however, it came down and leveled the car out - much nicer looking!


The 07 GT500 has seemed to look high in the back, and "under-wheeled".


You've fixed that in an A+ way.


How's the ride? Any more harsh with the lower profile tires? (If you can differentiate that from the springs)

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