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2011 GT500 with 2.9L Whipple

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Just finished this car up for a local dealership, FRPP does not have tuning out for the 11s yet so they slapped a 10 kit on it, the fuel system upgrade fit, and the evap solenoid was not a problem to deal with either.


The car is really not broken in, only 30 miles, for export reasons it could not be driven much.


Made exactly what is claimed by FRPP/Whipple (750 crank hp) with a conservative tune and cat protection still on.


The 123mm maf works well at this power/boost level with the new frequency based maf.


Next week TVS on an 11 :) !



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I'd love to have those kinds of discretionary funds.


Perhaps it's just my noob naivety, but I have such a hard time understanding why anyone would make the GT500 outlay, only to rip-out the supercharger and splice-in another, especially when the FRPP SC for the baseline GT pumps out over 600hp at the crank for SO much less. Don't get me wrong - God bless him for doing it, and for keeping his share of the economy moving, but I had a hard enough time choosing between a GT that I could very much upgrade and make my own, and a GT500 where faithfulness to the work that's already done is such an important part.


Maybe some day I'll have the courage to wander off the reservation and try a smaller pulley. :)

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