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Shelby GT500 Carroll Shelby Signed ( optional) Dash Plaque (2010-2011)


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This item is now available on-line




Thanks for posting that, Sharon.


I for one have been waiting for a long time for this to finally arrive.


It is a bit more pricey than I expected but what the heck....it's only money.


I started a "wish list" on the Shelby Store and got up to $2K so I'm going to be stubborn and wait for the next sale before taking the plunge.


Any hint when that might be? I realize it will be for TS members and I'm waiting on *that* too. I'll get my TS membership when the sale hits. I'm really hoping for another 30% Christmas sale like you had last year as that will allow me to buy even more and bigger ticket items (Baer Brakes too).


I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get that Metco/Shelby branded SC idler pulley and possibly a adjustable panhard bar before then but I can wait on much of the other stuff I want.


Any 'hint' as to if/when the next GOOD (i.e. better than 10%) sale is possible?



Have Money - Will Travel,

Phill Pollard (and Thanks agian)

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Correct. The back of the plaque has a bracket that is formed to fit right in place. It is the same bracket set up found on the 2010-11 Super Snakes.



And the same plaque as found on the GT350's.


As per the instruction sheet on the Shelby Store: It also has a cut-out recess in it to fit OVER the Sync badge. You don't remove the Sync badge, you put the Console Plaque over it and it sounds like the Sync badge actually "places" the Shelby plaque so they'll all be the same (location wise).




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