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Paxton Question

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I have a 2007 SGT with the Shelby Paxton supercharger on it. I live at Lake Tahoe (6300ft) where there is no issue. When I was down at SAAC -35 @ < 150 ft. If I accelerated quickly the engine would crap out at about 5500 rpm. It would sound like it is running out of gas. If I accelerate slowly, I am fine until the rev limiter. I had been talking to Roger about the supercharger in general and I was told that all Paxtons have fuel issues and I need to spend another $1500.00 to have a GT 500 fuel pump installed. Is this an issue that would be caused by the fuel pump or is there something else I should check?


It was great meeting all you folks there.





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I'm no expert here, but it sounds like altitude vs fuel issue. At 6300 feet, your engine would need a leaner mix than at sea level where it would need to be rich. I would guess you could have tried disconnecting the battery while at SAAC so that the computer could "re-learn" the new altitude, then repeat when you returned to Tahoe. Could also be related to the MAF, again caused by the altitude. Either way, I would have THOUGHT that it wouldn't have mattered since that's what superchargers did - allow engines to maintain sea level power outputs as the altitude increased. (to a point anyway, then, like a normally aspirated engine, they to would start losing power with altitude)


Just guesses...



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I would datalog a few things especially the FPDC and fuel pressure. At sea level you're going to be shoving alot more air in there which will require more fuel. $1500 for the GT500 setup is a little high imo. I bought a new kit on the classifieds for $650 and installed it myself in 2 hours.

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Hey Russ I saw your FB message in my email, but can't open it at work. I agree with Kurgan. You definitely need to datalog the cycle duty of your pump and injectors. The GT500 pump is a great way to go, especially compared to the hack job Walbro piggyback setup that Paxton supplied with their kits, but I'd suggest making sure that the pump is the issue before spending any dough.

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