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New stripes & Scoop

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No effect in our lifetime.


Remember the stripes have a 5-10 year life depending upon conditions. So in 40-50 years the car will need to be redone 4-5 times perhaps. That said, EVEN IF, painting the stripes "devalued" the car, which I don't believe, you can just tape over the painted stripes!


In other words, paint them, enjoy your car, and the rest is what it is.

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I'M getting my stripes removed / replaced by the factory, but thinking about having them painted back on.

Any word on devaluation?


If you go through the warranty process, you may not live long enough to see the job completed. Paint them on.

(I'm almost six months into the warranty repair, it is a miserable experience unless you have an honest and experienced dealer).



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