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Wheel hop in the KR


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Ok, lets hear it, anyone have rear wheel hop issues in their KR?


I noticed in my car, if I disable the "Traction Control", I have no issues with rear wheel hop. Could this have been a contributing factor all along with the GT-500 platform?


Has anyone here specifically address the wheel hop issue by replacing rear suspension parts?

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Depending on the road surface and rate of speed I was going, yes. Pretty serious wheel hop getting on it from very low speed (under 10 mph) with the TCS on. Haven't played too much with it off though.

I think most people have found the cure in aftermarket poly-bushed lower control arms. Had an issue with wheel hop in my Bullitt too, but Koni yellows and lowering springs seem to have cured that; it still has the stock lower arms.

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After talking to a few guys at various car meets, i'm going to go with an after market set of rear UCA's. I'm going to shy away from using any "relocating brackets". Not too keen on them.



Check out the Roush site and look for his "overstock" items.


I picked up his *adjustable* upper control arm link AND 2-position adjustable bracket for less than his standard (painted black) UCA bracket and link.


Also his lower control arms (he calls them trailing arms) that are adjustable too, for nearly half of regular price (maybe less, I CRS).


And his shipping cost is VERY reasonable and his parts are top notch. You can just look at his UCA and compare it to ANY other on the market and see how much better it is built. STOUT.




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