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Will the NAV display MPH like all other GPS systems?


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I'm sure it's capable of displaying the mph, but I can't figure it out. It might need an unlock to access that screen.




All I've been able to get it to display is the *posted* speed limit.


When I did my recent trip to Vegas I used my portable Garmin mounted on the WS because it *does* show the actual vehicle speed and since the OE speedo is so hard to accurately read, I used my Garmin for my speedo.


And *still* got pulled over for exceeding the limit (73 in a 70, if you can belive that). The Utah State Patrol Officer gave me a written warning but he had me at 80 in a 75....with my car registered in NV (it's reg'd in CO), no motorcycle endorsement on my license...


I think he was drunk! He told me he pulled me over because *after* I saw him (and he said he saw me hit my brakes and slow down) I increased my speed up to 85....but I was the tail car in a pack. So if I was *behind* everyone and they were doing the limit, HOW THE HELL COULD I SPEED UP TO 85??? (since they were all doing 70, according to him).


Okay, maybe he wasn't drunk. HE WAS HIGH!


Anyway, no, I have NOT found a way to display vehicle speed with the factory Nav system. But I also just got a card saying I needed to get in and pay them 200 bucks for my 2011 update! Maybe it has the vehicle speed included....(for 200 bucks MORE, it ought'a include a tight bodied blonde with it!).




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