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Embroidered Headrests


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Now that I realize the GT500 headrests have the tiffany snake rather than the S-snake, I want a pair, however, they're out (I'm looking for the red logo embroidery). Any idea when the store will get these in?



Robert - Any word on the headrests we spoke about 3 months ago ?

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Gary Disney says it would be no problem to make a quality headrest to match the armrest. In my case it would be the gold GT-h with a snake. He says he needs SAI approval and I'm guessing that hasn't happened for some reason.


As I posted before, I ordered the GT-H headrest a few months ago and had to send it back to you guys because it was the only one without a picture online and it was completely different than all of the others. For some reason, the GT-H headrest simply said GT-H in block print.


I'm sure if you let the reigns off of Mr. Disney, he would make some amazing stuff!

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