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Motor Trend Mustang GT vs BMW M3


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Wish they would have tested the GT500. But it looks like Ford is on a roll as the Mustang GT more than holds it own.


Mustang GT vs M3 Motor Trend Comparison


They hint a GT500 vs CTS-V comparison is coming...


thnaks for posting--as to the Gt500,it clearly is in the M5 class as afr as performance,thats why they didnt run it against the M3.Luv to see a Shelby vs CTS-V--Ive driven one and with a paddle shift,its one fast caddy

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I saw this video yesterday funny enough after coming home from test driving a 2011 5.0 6 spd in Grabber Blue. I was really impressed with the power, ride quality, interior especially coming from my 97 Cobra it was like night and day. I'd imagine once I do get my GT500 it will be even more amazing.


I'm happy to see the 2011 5.0- getting some love and good press maybe others will start to appreciate these cars as much as we do.

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