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SVTPP Rear Wheel/Tire Replacement & Choices


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In wanting to provide myself with a wheel and tire choice that would allow me a little more seasonal flexibility, not to mention the opportunity to preserve the through-your-nose-to-replace SVTPP wheels, I first considered moving to a set of 19" wheels with 275/40-19 winter or all-season rear tires to compensate for the diameter difference.


I've since been looking at some aftermarket wheels which may be reasonably-close facsimiles (for me) to the SVT wheels, and I may be able to find a set of aftermarket 19's in front and 20's for the back. Going to a 275/35-20 tire would only be 7mm off of the original diameter (<1%), versus the 275/40-19's which are <5mm smaller than the OEM rear F1G2s, and there are some reasonable all-season tire choices in both.


Given that I'd be deviating from a 285 to 275 tire width in either case, would I be better-served by sticking with a 20" rear tire in terms of performance and handling or would it be worthwhile to step-down to a 19" rear wheel size and would doing so provide me with a bit of additional ride comfort without unduly compromising performance and handling (while also providing me with a bit of additional latitude in tire selection)?


Also, although I touched upon this in another thread, does anyone know what the SVTPP wheel offset happens to be (Front and Rear) and how much I could safely and stably deviate from it?


Many thanks.

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Not a bad idea, especially for the rears if you want better perfomance and a little better ride quality.


The only issue I see is the 19s are very limited on choices of good rubber and fairly pricey compared to 18s (not sure about 20s pricing). It would provide you with more sidewall without losing your rear gear ratio, which is very nice. I would first make sure you have some decent choices of tire that meets your expectations and future plans before switching.


I know on the 2010s with 19s you can safely go up to a 305 with no clearance or bulging issues. I am currently running BFGoods KDW2s at 295/35/19 in the rear and wouldn't mind bumping up the sidewall to a 45 or so if it didn't change my gear ratio soo much (My plans are 18s in the back and to keep my 19s in front, the rear tire sidewall should make up for the appearance between the two). My front tires are still oem because they handle the corners better, and its a nice balance without hardly any compromise (I don't go WOT through corners for my rear to fishtail, I get on the gas as I'm exiting the corner so I'm in control).


I think if you had to choose between more sidewall or just the difference of width from a 285 > 275, the sidewall for traction is the hands down winner. So in theory you can keep your 20's/19s in front for better cornering and have your rears as 19s/18s for better straightline traction.


More sidewall = more flex = more straight off the line traction (and is more comfortable on bumps to an extent)

Less / stiffer sidewall is better for cornering


Sorry for the long winded post and happy hunting!

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One thing to remember is not all 18" wheels clear the Brembos. I found that out the hard way with my 2005 GT doing the GT500 Brembo upgrade.



Very nice info. and thanks bpmurr. Any good news on the new clutch, did they fix the noise at low rpm?

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