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Paintless Dent Removal


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Hey everyone wanted to share that this past week I got a nice door ding in my car. I was not happy as I always park far away and always watch my car like a hawk. I am pretty sure alot of you feel the way I do. I couldn't believe someone did this. Anyways fast forward 5 days later I know a guy from the past who use to do ding repair. I made a appointment with him in his newer shop. He is in the San francisco bay area. His shop is in Campbell california. Let me tell you what a awesome guy! Joe is at www.dingsandents.com He is my HERO!!! I really can't believe he fixed it like it never happened it's so true!! Thought I share with everyone! Great company, customer service and just a great business.


Thank you Joe at Dings and dents! :happy feet:


Here is the link to the Yelp review I did today!






P.S I wanted to share as when I got there another GT500 same color was in for the same thing! Go figure! I will post pictures tonight.

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Glad ya found a good PDR guy.


I had a nasty ding in the LR QP, right on the crease and found a PDR guy that did his magic. Freaking amazing.






I know it ruined my week! But I then remember Joe from dings and dents. He told me as long as I didn't mess with it on my own he could get it out of my GT500.

I still don't understand why people do this to other people cars. It just gets me so upset as I have seen it done to other peoples cars. I always park far away so it don't happen. Then they park right next to me go figure. Thank god for PDR seriously : ) Hope all is well my friend



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