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My GT500 made the news in Detroit....


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Thanks you guys! It was quite the trip! Yesterday in the rain, another guy that writes articles for The Examiner asked if he could get a picture of my GT500 for one of his articles.



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Very Very cool! Were you in the Snake Pit? I must have missed you if you were. Ford did a great job!



I have gone to the last several Dream Cruises and I've kind of done the "Mustang Alley" thing to the point where I wanted to do some different things. (My old car was part of the Ford Racing display in 2008)

I was actually out on Woodward with the Motor City Marauders. They always treat me great and I parked with them at BK across from Duggan's yesterday. Also hooked up with my very close friend John Clor (Ford Performance Group) and his wife Jenny. It was there that this Mike Karagozian guy came up to ask questions about my car, then he says "I saw you on Channel 7, can I get a photo of you and your GT500 for one of my articles?"


"Just lucky I guess" :happy feet:

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