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RealSpeed Hood Pins


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This seems like a very HIGH QUALITY product. As well, they describe in their listing on the site that it has much better reach from the pin to the mount, on stock hoods. They make it sound like it works on ALL Mustang hoods? Only $89.95 ! As well, looks like it has spring-loaded loops, eliminating the need for lanyards! Brkts. are available in blue and black.

Their # (631) 563-7325


Real Speed Automotive............................I'm not savvy enuf to attach here...sorry.


Has anyone used these yet? Is this old news?

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These look like a good design, but won't work on the original SGT hood pin location...if you look at the pictures on their web site, they have the hood pin protruding through the top of the radiator cover where the Shelby pins are coming out the front portion of the cover, so I would imagine that these pins put the location a good 3-5 inches back from where ours are currently....now if you are putting on a new hood that hasn't been drilled already, I think they'd work great!

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