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New Vert Top - Squealing Driveline Normal?


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Took my '08 GT500 Convertible in for an oil change here in Detroit (Dean Sellers Ford) and after mentioning the rubbing on the convertible top, they said Ford authorized a completely new top due to a change in the mechanism. Now just waiting for the part but after hearing about some of the problems others have had on the forum, I was impressed.


On another topic, I have noticed the rear driveline "groan" at low speeds when making tight turns. The dealer said this is "normal" and referenced "Oasis Special Service Message Number 21287". Basically it states this is a normal noise for any mustangs equipped with "heavy duty/racing type carbon fiber clutches in the LSD.... Driving the vehicle in a tight figure 8 pattern 5 times may lessen the complaint for a short period of time"


Has anyone else received this explanation? Also, I have had nothing done with my clutch or had any TSB performed on it. As always, appreciate any input.


For any of you going to Woodward on Saturday, see you in the Snake Pit / Mustang Alley. I just updated my sig with the new photos and all the mods (most done since last year's Woodward). My wife says I'm out of budget.... censored.gif

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