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Dash caps


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Anybody ever install one of the dash caps? I'm not talking about the carpet that sits on the dash but the actual dash cap. If so, where did you get it from and what shade of red did you order? Also, any pics or installation tips? This is what I'm talking about...


Dodge dash cap jpeg.jpg




You can partially see one installed in this thread. Click on the interior pic. Look by the gauge cluster and you'll see how it kind of wraps around.



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I spoke with one (I assume there may be more?) of the manufacturers; Coverlay. According to them the dashes aren't molded in the colors. They are molded in black and then painted. I might as well get the paint local and get it color matched. Also, the dash molds are taken from a good dash so the cover is larger than the original dash. They said the skin is rather thin so you need to smooth and fill cracks that are in your existing dash so that it fits right. Otherwise you will end up with the cracks showing through as lumps.

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