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Hurst shifter, Hurst Edition, Miss Hurst


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I was cleaning up and rearranging my automotive library this weekend and ran across this book--Grand National Stock Car Racing--The Other Side of the Fence, published in 1982. I had forgotten what was on the cover, but now realize why this image pops into my mind every time I see or hear "Hurst". I've always admired Hurst's exquisitly formed and well developed......shifters! The photo was taken at Riverside. If you old time Nascar fans will look closely at the lower right inset, I believe that's Darrell Waltrip leading Dale Earnhart and Richard Petty and, what appears to be, the #21 Wood's Brothers Mercury--although I'm not sure David Pearson was driving it at this time...... Thank you, Linda Vaughn!



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Great Pic........ :drool:


It appears that only one Highbeam is working................................ :hysterical:


The caption for the Top Photo on the Left Side should read.............

"I swear guys, the Car was right here"




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That Brings back some VERY GOOD memories. Saw Linda in person at the Hot Rod Nationals in !967 and at a few other Drag Races in the 60's. She always looked good. :wub:

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Linda has been at the Barrett-Jackson Auctions a few times in the last few years and still looks good.................



On the night of the 2009 BJ Scottsdale auction on Saturday after I bought the Cobra I was in the exhibit area after hours getting it prepped for shipping (it needed a coolant change since all it had was water). Hurst had sold a matte gold finished Viper - there are pictures of it somewhere here, it was drop dead gorgeous and everyone was hanging it around for the story of the paint. The profits from the sale went to a charity. After I was packing up there was a lady kind of hanging around the car, with a few tears in her eyes. I asked her if she was OK, and she told me that she was "Miss Hurst" and that she was just so proud, "We done good tonight" was what she said. I asked her if she'd stand next to the car and she said she'd rather not - droops in mascara, and that was OK. We chatted for a few more minutes.

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