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07 GT500 - Clutch Clicking Noise


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Does anyone know the cause of clicking noises under the car/engine bay when depressing the clutch pedal in first gear during take off? It started up a week ago after a long car cruise. It shifts fine and doesn't slip. I had the TSB done at 35k miles and I currently have 89k miles on it.


Update: took it to TPS up here in the bayarea, they say the lining is starting to seperate on the clutch..so time for a new clutch.

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so you heard a clicking as you took your foot off the clutch in 1st gear from a stop?



Yep exactly.. it shifts fine like it always had and doesnt slip...kinda weird as it really sounds like a little chipmunk making noise...and yes i did looked under the car and couldn't find one..lol.. maybe a loose clutch cable??

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