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Early 35mm film - taken in San Francisco - 1906‏

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This is quite amazing it does last some time but you can stop it anytime, but I couldn't I was fascinated. The amount of traffic, large amount of commerce, none of the men are kissing or holding hands and people are dressed for business... Nothing like today, good/bad? You decide.


Interesting bit of history....


Busy place 104 years ago.



This was the first 35mm film shot by a camera mounted on the front of a Market Street San Francisco Cable Car.




It was "lost" for many years, and was taken four days prior to the 1906 earthquake. The level of activity, commerce and transportation is quite impressive; and the amount of automobiles for 1906.




Notice the Ferry Building Clock Tower at the end of Market Street on the Wharf. This film was originally thought to have been taken in 1905; that was until David Kiehn with the Niles CA Essanay Silent Film Museum did some research and figured out exactly when it was shot, by analyzing everything from New York trade papers which first announced the films showing, to wet streets resulting from heavy rainfall, to shadows that indicated the exact time of year and related weather conditions; which are a part of actual historical record.




He even discovered when the cars were registered and who owned them; as well as when the plates were issued! Considering that this was filmed only four days before the 1906 earthquake and successfully shipped by train to NY for processing, is absolutely amazing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.




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