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Taking Delivery - Advice Sought


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Hello, all.


I've decided to purchase a 2011 GT500 with SVT Performance Package. Although my favorite dealer has sufficient allocation to order a vehicle for me, a handful of examples configured to my preferred specifications exist among the inventories of dealers within the region and the dealer may be able to acquire the vehicle through trade almost immediately.


If this happens, I'm most concerned about making sure I receive everything, from accessories to product documentation, to ensure the vehicle is complete in all respects to help enhance or preserve its future desirability among GT500 aficionados. Does any kind of master inventory or "checklist" of items exist that I can use to ensure I receive everything that's supposed to come with the vehicle in the event the the dealer that currently owns the vehicle may not have been as careful as they should.


I'm truly excited to be moving forward toward my first GT500 and hope to start-off by putting my best foot forward - beginning with making sure my purchase, and not just the vehicle, is complete.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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