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Happy Birthday Shelby GT/SC!

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Thanks again everyone. I had an awesome day. The kids and I were hanging out and playing (in between my work of course). I'm so fortunate to have a job where I work from home so I can spend time with the kids. But, that means that I am up late a lot working but as long as the work is done and I spend time with the kids it all works out. That's why I'm not on this forum as much as I used to be.


Anyway, I had a great day so thanks again.


By the way, Sharon, sorry I missed your birthday last week so happy birthday to you as well. I get emails of most posts and I meant to get online to wish you a great day but wasn't able to do so.


Now let's hope that Tasca will give me a nice present and finish my car this week. Woohoo!!!



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Dale's stripes look good pal. See you Saturday. Just watched Tasca pull my engine. It's bad. Hopefully Paul's car will be running by then so we can hear it rock.



Sorry to hear the news was bad bud.....

Thanks for the update on Dale's ride.......

+1 on Pauls ride..........it looks incredible..... :salute:

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