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2008 White Shelby GT Convertible


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Get me the VIN and I can easily check. But I don't think so.





Roger, It's unlikely we can obtain a VIN, as the owner may not want it published online. Supposedly, it's "Shelby Serialized 08-001", does such serialization scheme exist? -Steve

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WOW, I didn't know they were making Shelbys in AZ.



They also do mustang "Carroll Shelby Upgrade kits" http://www.arizonashelbycobras.com/Content/Mustangs.aspx

Carroll Shelby CS Upgrade Kits

TURN 1 Upgrade Kit includes:

CS Hood

CS Hood Grille

CS Upper Grille Insert

PIAA Driving Lights for Upper Grille

CS6 Front Fascia & Lower Grille

Stainless Steel Hood Pins with Brackets

Radiator Cover

CS Side Scoops

SHELBY Letter Kit

Shelby GT-Plus Performance Brake Kit


Complete Suspension Package:

High performance springs, struts, sway bars, and dampers

JBA Dual Exhaust

CS Rear Fascia (V6 Kits only)

Rear Spoiler (V6 Kits only)

Shelby Razor Wheels (20x9 Gunmetal Grey)

Sill Plate Inserts

Stripe Graphics (silver)

Trunk Lock Emblem

Dash Plaque


TURN 2 Upgrade Kit includes:

Everything in the Turn 1 Kit PLUS

Shelby Paxton Supercharger w/intercooler

8.8 Inch Rear End w/3.55 Get Set-V6



** Kit comes with satin finish supercharger.

Add $200.00 for Polished finish.



Looks like the error was calling this mustang with a "CS upgrade kit" a "Shelby GT" An easy mistake to make if you are unfamiliar with the Shelby GT's background.

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Love the Arizona Shelby Cobra engine plate! :banghead:


Looks like he'll be at MustangWeek http://www.mustangweek.com/forums/showthread.php?p=26138&posted=1#post26138


And on the Arizona Shelby site FAQ, found this:



Does the upgraded Mustang go in the Shelby Registry?


No. But a complete CS package will get a numbered Plate from Shelby which may someday go in the Registry.



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But it's probably not the seller's fault that they believe they have a legit 2008 Shelby GT because I have a feeling that Arizona Shelby failed to tell the owner that it was THEIR verison of a 2008 SGT.


IMO I would say that this car a "professionally built clone".

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Interesting........ I was gonna ask was it one of those Shelby SR's or SC's before they shut down that project for regular mustang owners.



I've seen reference to these projects being shut down a few times. Have they really? I haven't seen or heard anything from SAI about it yet. This is of interest to me because my own MGT vert has been there since April getting the SC package installed. Agonizingly slow process, but New York Mike is doing a beautiful job.


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Guest hfrosso

This car was feature in MM&FF -Mar/10 now ,i can't find the magazine to confirm this, but i recal reading something like the owner just added the Shelby badges or something like that , the car made 836-rwhp on the dino,it's def a fake and bad ass stang.

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