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Road trip Advice: Chicago to San Francisco


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I am taking a road trip from Chicago to home in the San Francisco Bay Area starting this weekend, with a 2008 Vert.


We know we are stopping in Rapid city to do the Mt. Rushmore, etc. thingie, but other than that we are undecided. Maybe yellowstone? We think Yellowstone might deserve its own trip though. We want to make it in 7 days, as unrushed as possible, since we have our 2 kids in tow.


Any advice for stops along the way?

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From Rapid City go across to Yellowstone and do a drive through. Kind of a scouting mission for a later trip. Devils Tower isn't too far from Rapid City just off I-90 going towards Yellowstone. Not many people go there.


From Yellowstone you can head toJackson Hole WY that is some pretty country, although it's been many years since I was there. You can cross the Rockies from there into Idaho, the land of cheap gas. (at least for the western US). I-15 runs down that side of Idaho. OR, look for US93. It runs south through the mountains and deserts of Idaho and into Nevada. Ely NV has a nice old railroad museum. US50 crosses US93 at Ely. US50 the loneliest highway. It will take you across Nevada to the Reno area. If you get that way, go to Lake Tahoe. Very pretty up there. I don't know if there is alot of things for kids up there, but it's cool.


Here is another thought. From the badlands run I-90 across Montana clear over to Seattle. Then down the coast to Frisco. That wil keep you out of the desert heat. The Oregon coast has a ton of cool attractions that are great for kids and adults.


Just my 2cents.

Sounds like a great trip no matter which way you go. 7days on the road is always good. We just did that a couple months ago. We went to Nevada, Arizona and California in our convertible. The Redwoods with the top down was awesome.

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