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3,000 rpm "Hickup"

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Hey All,

It seems I have what I call a "hickup" or tiny miss at right around 2800-3000rpm.When i shift at this area i feel this little hickup.

Once it goes pass 3000rpm it goes away.Seems to only happen in 1st and 2nd gear. Oh car is '08 Shelby bone stock w/5 speed.

Any ideas???


Let me know,


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I don't think it's the traction control, mine does the same thing and I run with it off - well, at least I/it did until the SC project got started!


It's just a tiny little "nibble", exactly as described, most noticeable under light-moderate acceleration, I don't feel it under heavy pedal action. I read elsewhere it may be related to the Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS), but I haven't investigated it any further - I got other fish to fry right now!



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