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Different Black Stripes?

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We have an 08 red with black stripes GT 500 and we had to have the hood stripes replaced recently. We ordered them from the Ford dealer and had them put on the car. However, in looking at the stripes, the new hood stripes don't have the "glossy" look and feel of the original factory stripes on the bumper and roof. I originally thought maybe they just needed to be waxed, but I have waxed them and they simply look different. Don't get me wrong, they're both black, but the ones on the rest of the car are glossy and the new ones on the hood aren't and you can easily tell. It's not a flat or matte black, but maybe a semi gloss or satin instead of the original "glossy" black. In looking closely at the new stripes on the hood, they actually seem to have a "satin" look to them, instead of the glossy look of the original stripes. I have contacted the Ford dealer and they looked it up and said that we got the right part numbers. They even looked it up by the VIN number of the car and said that was the part number shown for what the car was built with. But I can tell you that the stripes are definitely different. I am even wondering if there was a satin black stripe offered, but according to the Ford dealer there wasn't. Has anyone ever heard or experienced this with stripes?

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they aren't the flat shadow stripes are they?




No, I don't think so. In the shade, you can stand at the front of the car and look down into the black stripes on the bumper and fairly clearly see your reflection. But then you look into the new stripes on the hood and your reflection is blurry and not as glossy, it's strange. In the sunlight, you can stare at the new hood stripes and see that they almost have a metallic or satin look. Either in the shade or sunlight you can definitely tell that the stripes are different. I had them put on the car while my son was at college and he immediately noticed the difference as soon as he saw them. I thought I would be the only one to tell, but he was immediately able to tell, so I know they are different.


The guy who put the stripes on even thought maybe there was some type of film cover on the stripes that needed to be pulled off. He pryed with his finger nail at the edge of the stripe and there didn't seem to be.

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